My Story

I was born and raised in Barbados, a very beautiful and tiny island in the Caribbean. My childhood home was like a life-sized sketch book where I could experiment freely. As a child I doodled flowers on my bedsheets, painted a mural on my bedroom door and rearranged my parents’ home decor - often in the middle of the night when the itch for creativity struck! My parents always encouraged my creativity.

From that young age I was aware that my environment had a direct impact on mood and behaviour.

I completed a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art in London, UK. After this I returned to Barbados to teach Painting at Barbados Community College. During this time I maintained my studio practice including solo and group art exhibitions in Barbados and internationally. I put my art career to rest and moved to Toronto, Canada with my husband to start our family.

I’m now emerging out of a dark decade with my art. After a lot of unraveling I’ve learnt to be gentle with myself. Once called a “grave yard of paintings” my studio is now flourishing with life! I am eternally grateful for the lessons of surrender, faith and hope that I have learnt here.

My passion is to inspire others to recognize the beauty surrounding them and express gratitude in their own way.

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My family

I live in Toronto, Canada with my loving husband, Randy, who is my biggest support. Our three adventurous boys, Kai, Levi, and Koa, are always on the lookout for wild flowers, sticks, rocks, and even worms!

Wondering which painting is their favourite?

Branding photography by Elle Amie

Family photography by Nicole Lewis Photography